Save Your Head: 5 Ways to Track Comprehensive Assessment Digitally on CompTracker®

Save Your Head: 5 Ways to Track Comprehensive Assessment Digitally on CompTracker®

Comprehensive student assessment is essential to supporting well-rounded student success. Across programs and industries, these are the skills that are so important in shaping our future professionals. As a greater and greater number of assessment variables are tracked, staying on top of the volume of data becomes more and more of a challenge – especially considering the oft geographical dispersion of a program’s students during practicum placements. This struggle with data management in holistic assessment becomes especially apparent once the reams of paper data need to be massaged and coerced into meaningful reporting results.

“It’s really easy to pick out the [assessment] standards with the reports.”

Rochelle Roberts, Lambton College Personal Support Worker Program Coordinator

Assessing Comprehensively on CompTracker®

There are 5 Aspects to Solid Comprehensive Student Assessment and each type can be tracked utilizing CompTracker’s® custom-built setups. Each is strong on its own but work even better in collaboration.

1.  Meaningful Goals and Measure

Goals need to be transparently related and taught with the learning outcomes in mind. Thankfully, with CompTracker® it is possible for these goals to be tracked individually and/or simultaneously and completed as needed.

“The quality of the program is much better, as we can track skills on a daily basis now… Excellent CompTracker® support for students and faculty. Thank-you.”

Wade Wheeler, BSc, RRT, Instructional Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy Program, College of the North Atlantic

2.  Formative Feedback

Formative feedback needs to be meaningfully applied and should occur early, often, and throughout the learning process. With frequent feedback, instructors and preceptors can support students towards program goals quickly and transparently. On CompTracker®, that means being able to assess in ways that are long form and yet adaptable to live changes from multiple users.

‘Our students have benefited from the opportunity of being able to accurately reflect and evaluate their own learning progress and adjusting their study strategies as necessary.”

Walter Tavares, Former Paramedic Program Coordinator, Centennial College

3.  Summative Assessment

Summative Assessment can incorporate multiple perspectives (such as more than one assessor) and may include things like final essays and written or practical final exams. CompTracker® uses a program’s specific documents in it’s setup which ensures that all assessments are customized correctly and viewable only by the right people.

“Our instructors like it a lot better than the paper.”

Rochelle Roberts, Lambton College Personal Support Worker Program Coordinator

4.  Performance Assessment

Performance assessment can include practical exams, e-portfolios, collaboration and communication in multiple forms, as well as critical and creative problem-solving. Performance assessments of these various types can be tracked live on CompTracker® via a digital tablet thus removing the work of later needing to input the assessment results. This feature has been proven across programs to be quite useful in both lab and simulation settings

“Our faculty have benefited by being able to monitor the experiential learning of many students, and adjusting curriculum based on those experiences.”

Walter Tavares, Former Paramedic Program Coordinator, Centennial College

5.  Student Ownership

Holistic assessment is designed with student self-assessment and peer assessment in mind, both of which are included to further improve student success. Self-assessment, in particular, works well to increase the ownership of students of their own assessment while simultaneously enabling students to learn both independently and collaboratively in a complex world. With students now more self-driven, the assessment is now much more manageable for the program coordinator.

“Not only does it (CompTracker®) improve the writing and the critical thinking, it also really makes the students a lot more accountable for their learning.”

Rochelle Roberts, Lambton College Personal Support Worker Program Coordinator

“I’ve seen my students take more pride in ownership of their own education and achieving their goals.”

 Luc Simard, Simulation Technician, Collège Boréal


A comprehensive style of assessment empowers students to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of both their successes and areas for growth. Students are more in control, less stressed, and have greater success when the assessment is designed to be holistic. CompTracker® expertly works to simplify data administration of all comprehensive assessment types – whether students are right next to you or on the other side of the world. Great for students, coordinators, preceptors, and assessment in general, CompTracker® is a welcome addition to any program that involves complex skill assessments of all types.

“The transition was transparent and has saved countless hours of cross-referencing and validating, allowing me to focus on students and student retention. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the product and I am positive, that because of the tracking system we have in place with the use of CompTracker, this certainly aided the college in obtaining full accreditation status.”

Kevin Branch, MEd, BHSc. PHC; Former Coordinator, Paramedic Programs; Cambrian College

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